14 August 2010


Last weekend, hubby's FB status read, "Cats lulled (us) to a couple of catnaps."
But it wasn't a total waste of time, thanks to:

1) The Highlight: Lea Salonga's powerful performance. World-class talaga. To quote one review, "She's one Fine Feline!"

2) The stray cats during intermission. They were interacting with the audience. One even purred on my ear.

3) J knows his way through the Cultural Center of the Philippines. During the 20-minute intermission, every one headed to the ground floor food stand (There was only one and it was packed!). We sneaked to the empty CCP canteen for spaghetti and leche flan. Yey! At the end of the show, people were blocking the main exits. But since J knew his way around, we got out quicker than the rest by taking the Performers' Exit. Naaliw ako! He's really one cool cat! *wink*

After the show, we headed to Fely J's Greenbelt for the purrr-fect dinner. I had my favorite catfish (Cat pa rin? hehe) with buro (fermented rice), J had his fave adobo.

Happy Weekend!

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