31 August 2010


All these years, we’ve considered Behrouz, Scout Tobias, Quezon City a favorite –- even with the resto's bad service (waiting time always feels like ten years; their servers are among the unhappiest persons we’ve known), we stuck by it for the kebabs. But after our unfortunate experience yesterday, Monday, August 30, we say – We’re done, dalandan!

Loser Late Lunch: We arrived to an almost empty Behrouz. There was only one table occupied, and the group’s done with their meal when we got in. We ordered our kebabs at 1pm. By 1:30pm, we were growing restless (and really hungry!). But we stayed calm. Thirty minutes is the normal waiting time in this branch. By 2pm, still no orders -- not even our drinks. Hubby then went into the open kitchen to follow-up on our meals. The bad surprise: he discovered our kebabs are being prepared pa lang -- an hour after we ordered! And there was no apology whatsoever from the servers ha! Unbelievable!


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