01 September 2010


In our marriage, hubby's the photographer, I'm the subject.

But because limits exist only in the mind, I refuse to be boxed. Picture this: (1) I was the "lampa" in P.E. class, all my student life. As an adult, I worked on that by going to the gym, doing yoga (Bikram Yoga included) and trying boxing. No grades to worry about. Just my personal learning satisfaction. (2) I was always afraid of the stove. I never thought I'd be able to cook, ever. I changed that. I faced my fear. I've been cooking for more than five years now. And I'm actually enjoying every recipe experiment. See my No Kitchen Diva blog entry, April 2010.

Now, I want to take better photos. I don't want to stop at being the "model" in this relationship. LOL! And so I got excited when my college friends decided to gather for a Photography 101 session. C and P are Pros, they do weddings and magazines. And they were willing to teach us for free! Such good friends!

Our Photography Class, somewhere near our beloved U.P., last weekend. Photo c/o E. (The rest of our sample shots are confidential, hehe.)

My work requires having The Eye.

But after the Photography 101 session, I realized my TV work experience (12 years and counting) is no assurance that I'll do well with the technicals. I was overwhelmed! Now I know why sometimes it takes a while for Hubby to take the picture. Ang dami palang tinitimpla!

I enjoyed posing more than taking photos!

Photo taken by M, from our Photography 101 class. (Oh, I miss my cheekbones! Now, all I have are cheek-fat! LOL)

I love learning so yes, I'll continue to try taking better photos. But being a photographer (the real kind) is definitely out of the picture. *wink*

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