24 September 2010



Be ready for a very long walk. We both wore our Converse. J has always been a fan. Me, I'm not yet sold. There was pinching on both pinkies. So I'm still searching for the most comfortable travel shoes.

We were in awe of the entire complex!
Photo taken by J from the Jingshan Park.

I felt honored to freely walk through the once off-limits historical complex which served as the home of emperors for almost five hundred years.

Above: Rubbing the door knobs for good luck!

Above: We tried to walk through the less crowded areas.

Above: A smiling bronze vat?

Above: The Sunday morning crowd.

Above: The branch-interlocked cypresses symbolize loyal love.
The last emperor and empress of the Qing dynasty
had their picture in front of the trees
to show that "we wish to fly in heaven, two birds with one pair of wings,
and to grow together on earth, two trees with branches interlocked."

But the most fun sight: this kid’s pants! No need for diapers, hehe.

Entrance Fee to the Forbidden City: RMB60 each (Php360)


The Certified Olympian said...

Never imagined you to be the "sneakers" type of gal, A =) You're soooooo girly! =)

Loved J's and your photos of Beijing! That's also on my travel wish list =)

By the way, how romantic your photo by that tree=)

Out On a Date / My Little Black Book of Style said...

Sneakers: I know what you mean! =) They're my first Converse pair. First time ko isuot sa Beijing (no break-in sa Manila). J said his Converse are comfy for long walks. But I still prefer my travel ballet flats. Hehe. =)