28 June 2009


Last weekend, my soulmate and I went to see the Alliance France's “Portraits of Shoes,” “Stepping Into Pinoy Style,” and Pete Jimenez' “If the Shoe Fits” exhibits at the Yuchengco Museum (Php 100/adult).

We love shoes. We recognize their power – to make and break outfits, to spell the difference between leisurely walks and painful travels, to make a statement, to offer a glimpse into a person's character, etc. We're interested in the rich shoe history – how it demonstrated social ranks, the Chinese custom of binding women's feet, the dynamics of shoes & worship, shoes & marriage, etc. We appreciate their beauty.

Step into our shoes...

His favorites:

  • Weejuns: his brown cowhide leather split-toed lace-ups
  • Two-toned brown-white wing-tipped brogue spectator shoes
  • White classic canvass sneakers
  • His very Mod brown suede Chukka boots
  • Black Beatle-boot a.k.a. The Chelsea

Searching for: (search ended on July 4, 2009! So happy for J!)

  • The perfect loafers for traveling across cultures; that may be used as day & night wear

My favorites:

  • Black classic ballet flats
  • Two-toned black-white brogue spectator heels
  • Gold strappy stilettos with cabbage roses

Searching for:

  • The most comfortable ballet flats – in all colors available
  • A childhood fantasy: my very own Cinderella glass slippers

J and I would never want to be in some other couple's shoes. We're happy in ours. We'll forever be each other's favorite "pair".

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