16 June 2009


For the first time, I traveled outside of the country minus J.

The Hong Kong Holiday was a Family Date, a despedida (farewell) of sorts for my Ma and sis before they moved out of the country -- a gift from my very generous Tita Es, Tito Rey and cousin Kris.

Hong Kong's iconic shop signs.
Kowloon side.
Photo: Mine

Hong Kong Harbour
View from the Avenue of Stars
Photo: Mine

Room 1211, Hotel Panorama
Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo: My sis P

Ella & Paula at the Arrivals Area
Hong Kong Airport
Photo: Mine

We loved the spicy fishballs & fresh watermelon juice!
Mongkok Ladies' Market
Photo: Mine

My dear cousins at the Avenue of Stars
Photo: Mine

Hong Kong Hotties!
Cza, Kris, Me, Ate Pia, Ella
Photo: My sis P

Family on a Date
The whole gang (11 of us) in front of Hotel Panorama

Mom & Daughters Date
Taken June 4, 2009 (cam had the wrong date!)
My Mom and I first visited HK in 1998 -- it was my parents' 18th Bday gift to me.

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