16 October 2011


As I've written before, coffee is not our cup of tea.

Hubby and I are tea drinkers. Chamomile, peppermint, jasmine, green tea, earl gray, iced lemon tea, ginger, etc. (Yes, tea rin ang order namin pag nasa Starbucks.) 

And our favorite tea? Singapore's Teh-C. That's tea with milk and sugar. A taste of heaven at only SGD1.30 (around Php45.50) per cup, available in all hawker centers.

Talks over Tea


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T Ramos said...

I love milktea =) Now I miss Sing more than eeeeeeeever!

Thanks for sharing A. Will continue to pray for your Sing dream =)

AVM said...

T, Back in Manila, this is what I do when I miss SG's Teh-C: Lipton tea bag plus Alaska condensed milk! =) Try it! =)

Deepa said...

In my 3 years I'm ashamed to say never ko nakabisado kung ano yung difference ng O, C, etc. Lime juice kasi lagi ang drink of choice ko sa hawkers. Finally gets ko na siya. Haha!

AVM said...

Ma-try nga ang lime juice. =)

Ito raw ang Kopitiam terms:

kopi = coffee
o/ oh = black
peng = iced
kosong = without sugar
'c' = with evaporated milk
teh = tea

Hehe =)