07 October 2011


Fish out of water. That's how I see myself in the coming days.

Here are a few of the firsts I'll be facing very soon...

1) Job Hunting. 

Right after college, I applied at the TV network and got in. It's the only company I've worked with the past thirteen years (not counting the rakets, hehe). Unlike most people, I have no experience of changing jobs. Until now.

2) Housemates. 

Parang Big Brother lang ba ito? LOL.

3) Laundry.

Thanks to Manila's cheap laundry services (and our culture of kasambahay), I've never had to wash my clothes. Ngayon ko pa lang makikilala ang washing machine and dryer. Hope magkasundo kami. 

4) Living in a foreign land for more than two weeks.

Two weeks is the longest I've stayed in a foreign country. For the first time, I'm staying somewhere for months, and maybe even years if things do work out. Too excited!

Like another blogger I know, I plan to celebrate all these firsts (Hi, T!). 

I'm living out "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."  Listening to my heart. Following my instinct. Putting everything on the line. At yan, hindi first time 'yan. I'm proud to say, I try to live out that attitude every day of my life. *wink*


T said...

Awwww, I'm sooo touched that you mentioned me in this post :)

AVM said...

See you around, T! =)