03 October 2011


There was so much to celebrate. Not even Typhoon Quiel could stop us. 

Last Saturday, my college barkada met up at Cafe Provencal, Shangrila Mall for M's baby shower, M's new home, J's birthday and my despedida.

Original plan was to have it in Antipolo, in M & C's brand new home. But with F so praning about the storm, we changed location -- sa Metro Manila na lang, in a mall resto.

The buntis had the privilege of choosing the resto. Hindi Pinoy food, we could have our own corner, pwede mag-ingay. Check, check, check.

After finishing our soups, salads, sausage & cheese platters, pastas, pizzas, red wine, iced teas and sodas, we had games (yes, may games!), thanks to Game Master L who was so prepared. Karir! With props and prizes pa! We're so impressed.

We played Pinoy Henyo (Theme: Singapore); Charades (Theme: Having a Baby); and Guess The Baby's Name. Super fun! We were super gulo and super ingay. We were noisier than the kids at the carousel (na katabi namin). LOL. While Hubby was in National Bookstore (right below Cafe Provencal), he could hear us laughing, at ako raw ang stand-out. Every one close to me knows how loud I laugh. (One time, a cousin found her way to me, in a crowded, huge office floor, by tracing saan galing ang malakas na tawa.). LOL.

I'll miss you, Friends.

Thank you for the years of friendship (happy to have grown-up with all of you!), all the gifts (kasyang-kasya sa luggage!), the tips, leads, SG connections, the inspiring words, prayers...

My beloved UP-CMC Supremes.
We call us that because we all graduated with honors.
But beyond the 'magna cum laude' and 'cum laude' titles,
these people are THE BEST in friendship!

Have a safe delivery M!
Congratulations on your new home M & C!
Happy birthday J!

Looking forward to more life celebrations with all of you!

Where's Hubby? Taga-picture. He loves taking photos. Hates being photographed. LOL

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