15 October 2011


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A big shout out -- MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT -- to our angels on earth! We're so blessed to be surrounded by kind, generous, God-sent souls.

Thank you to...

1) C and J who are among the nicest, warmest, most helpful couples we've known. Thank you for opening your home to us.  

2) My friends C and P, and P's sweet sister N, for the "SG Life Line." 

I'm overwhelmed by how the pieces fell PERFECTLY into place. I've been so worried about our accommodations. And then they offered help. It started with a simple -- "Tanong namin." And miracle of miracles, merong available! But wait, there's more good news: the available place is in the same neighborhood as C and J's unit! As in the same street, 5-minute walk lang! (No, hindi sila magkakakilala.) What are the chances, right? *jumping for joy* At ito pa ang aliw: the unit owner and I share the same name. Hehe.

And N (who we just met personally today), she really made time to accompany us. She didn't have to but she insisted. Ang bait!

3) A and A, new acquaintances uli, for being very welcoming. 

To every one else worrying about something, anything, totoo ang cliche -- LET GO. LET GOD. He will send angels to show you His Plans are better than your dreams.

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