16 October 2011


I'm re-posting some of my Twitter photos (Follow me @OutOnADate).

Here on the blog kasi, I can expound on the stories behind our dates. Daldal much?

This is us, off to Singapore, via Cebu Pacific (yes, we're budget travelers), last 10-10 (yes, pina-reading ko ang date, just for fun. LOL.) 


As usual, I got the window seat. Hubby had the middle seat (Of course, magkatabi kami - we availed of the seat selector service online). But since empty ang aisle seat (tatluhan sa CebuPac), we had the row to ourselves. Yey! 

We took off almost 10pm. (The flight was delayed due to air traffic daw.) We landed at the SG Budget Terminal around 1:30am. No time difference between Manila and Singapore.

We got our seats for only Php3,000 each, one way (Yahoo!). We booked them August, more than two months before our 10-10 flight. We weren't really waiting for a seat sale pero na-timing-an. How lucky, right?

So how did we kill time during the almost 3 and 1/2 hours flight? Hubby watched Criminal Minds episodes on his iTouch. I started on The Paris Wife on my iPad. We both napped. 

How do you enjoy short flights? =)

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