16 June 2009


J is so not Disney. We knew the family's HongKong Holiday would be too "wholesome" for the adventurous him so he skipped it. Plus we're saving up for the condo (full payment is due this month) so we could only afford one ticket -- mine, hehe.

It was my very first Disneyland experience. And true enough, the Happiest Place on Earth brought out the little girl in me!

Man of the House
Mickey welcomed us to his humble home.
Loved the gigantic cheese slices & cupcakes!

Try walking in Mickey's iconic shoes!
Photo: My sis P

Mickey & Minnie Forever
Check out my Mom's cute umbrella (HKD 150) and the park landscape -- it's the world's most popular love team!

The Mickey Express
The train from Sunny Bay to Disneyland was a "ride" in itself!

Window to "A Whole New World"
The Mickey windows were so cute!
5 minutes away from Disneyland

Can you handle this?
That's me with my wedding ring -- missed J!

Disneyland Station
We've arrived!

Disney Balloons
They light up when night time sets in!

The Banquet Hall
This is where we ate our first Disneyland meal.

Mickey Pizza
My sis had the flavorful Margherita pizza (around HKD 50 or Php 350).

Mickey Ice Cream
My sis had the Jelly version (around HKD 12 or Php 84).

Mickey Bowls
My sis' new favorite: Yang Chow Fried Rice
Disneyland's was worth around HKD 40 (Php 280)

How we got there: We took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui (there's a station right across our hotel, Hotel Panorama) to Sunny Bay

MTR Fare: around HKD 16 for adults; HKD 12 for kids

Travel Time: around 30 minutes (we transferred trains twice; expect a lot of walking)

Disneyland Tickets: HKD 350 (around Php 2450) for adults; HKD 250 (around Php 1750) for kids

Must-Do: Ask for the skeds of the shows (there's one almost every hour); wear cotton; bring cap, umbrella, fan, face towels & extra clothes; you can't bring in food & drinks; wear comfortable shoes; stay until the fireworks display (around 8pm)

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