27 January 2012


Current juice of choice:
Sugarcane Juice from SG hawker centers

I'm currently into sweet drinks: Honey Milk Tea (as blogged earlier) and Sugarcane Juice. If I grow really big, I only have me to blame. Yes, hindi ko sisisihin ang drinks. I take full responsibility for my actions. Hehe.

I know we also have this in the Philippines (Hello, Negros!). But sadly, the juice is not readily available. Mas buko ang omnipresent sa Manila, right? Here in SG, sugarcane juice is sold in almost all hawker centers, for around SGD 2-3 per cup.

The drink's health benefits: it's a natural diuretic and a natural coolant. Perfect for SG's humid weather.

The juice is triggering childhood memories. Sweet summers in Nueva Ecija, early '80s. Afternoons with my Mom, Titas and cousins, at our dear Ima's home. Kinakagat, nginangatngat at sinisipsip namin yung tubo (sugarcane) for the ultimate sugar fix.

Buti na lang may juicer na ngayon! Lol.

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