16 January 2012


After the show

The very first Wednesday of 2012 was Wicked! 

Hubby and I watched the multi-awarded musical, Wicked, at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater. We got the cheapest seats, only SGD58 each (around Php2030 each). Who says people on career breaks cannot enjoy Broadway?

I knew very little about the musical before we bought the tickets. And I must say I loved it! Fantastic story. Three songs made me cry - (1) I'm Not That Girl - Elphaba; (2) Defying Gravity; and (3) I'm Not That Girl (Reprise) - Glinda. My favorite: the set and costumes. I was in awe! The show we saw had audio problems though, nawawala-wala ang mic ng ensemble?

Hubby's not a fan of Broadway so he didn't share my excitement. But he happily accompanied me (love, love, love). He didn't sleep through it so OK na ako roon. His review of the musical: Legally Blonde meets Shrek. Lol.

Date highlight: Defying Gravity

"...Together we're unlimited
Together we'll be the greatest team...

If we work in tandem
There's no fight we cannot win...

Just you and I
Defying gravity..."

Relate! Feel na feel ko ang lyrics. Hehe.

Wicked in Singapore

Costumes on display
at The Shoppes

Among Elphaba's costumes

Tickets to the cheapest seats!

during the 15-minute intermission.
View from the highest level (aka cheapest seats).

The Wicked Crowd


TJR said...

Reading your post is building up my excitement tremendously :)

I'll be watching it in a few weeks :)

Can't wait. Hope to see you then.

AVM said...

Hope to see you! =)