16 January 2012


We're really happy here in Punggol. 

Feel namin ang pagiging "probinsya" niya. It's at the end of the purple line. Around 45 minutes away from the city, via train; 15 minutes away from the city, via taxi. It's quiet, clean, green and spacious. Amidst the many HDBs (public housing / flats) and condos in the area, may effort to go green. Yey! 

Below are photos from the reservoir, a mere 10-minute walk from our building. 

The reservoir.

bike parking

The park's lovely wooden benches.

I could just sit and read (and nap?!) here for hours.

The bridge that connects
the Serangoon Reservoir
and the Lorong Halus Wetland.


Perfect for joggers, bikers, skaters,
Moms with strollers / prams.

monkey bars

The park's restroom.
Hubby calls it The Modern Cube-beta.

restroom interiors

Empty pag weekdays.
Puro families during weekends.

This bridge looks lovelier at night, with its lights.
Try namin kuhanan next time.

Round and round we go.

Uulan na!

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