26 January 2012


A Happy Birth-Date in Chinatown, SG
20 January 2012

We celebrated hubby's first Singapore birthday in Chinatown (MRT Station: Chinatown. It's along the Purple Line, same as our town, Punggol). Three days to the Chinese New Year, the place was extra festive so it felt like everyone was celebrating with us. Happiness!

Date highlights:

  • Authentic foot reflexology c/o very well-trained therapists. Heaven! 
  • A mini dimsum feast along the Chinatown Food Street. Yummy! 
  • Our devotional prayers that day. Blessed!
  • Affirmation: Life is amazing! Singapore was merely a dream during Hubby's birthday last year. And now, eto na, we're actually living the dream. Wow. 

Hubby took a video
of the 45-minute reflexology session
but I'm still unsure whether I want
to expose my tired feet here. Lol.

We love that you don't need dipping sauce for
the dimsum here. Malasa na sila as they are.
I'm not a siopao fan in Manila.
But I'm loving the char siew bao here in SG!

Happy birthday to my Life Partner & Daily Date! I love you. I won't say much here dahil ang haba na ng private birthday message. At yun ang mas mahalaga. *wink* Here's to growing old with you, Baby! Mwah!

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