10 November 2010


Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Above: my lunch place mat & coaster

J and I tried The Real Thing diner (2F Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City) with our office friends today. The diner was on soft opening. J's order -- Chicken Amigo (fried peppered chicken with potato wedges) -- came in last, 30minutes after we've ordered. The pretty owner / manager was gracious enough to serve it herself, "Sorry for the delay. This one's on the house." Wow! Ang saya! Free lunch! Free lunch! And the meal was good.

Every one else was happy with what they ordered. G and I had the Shrimp Pasta, it tasted deliciously healthy. R had a spinach-based pasta with caramelized walnuts, we all loved it (yes, we all tried her order, hehe). L, J and the other G had burgers, and they were super happy too. They were generous with the french fries and potato wedges, both were served crispy, yum!

Coca-Cola lovers, this diner's for you. The place is decorated with Coke memorabilia. And they have a lot of Coke-based drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). It would have been heaven for J, except that we have not been drinking soda for more than a month now (Yes, he's cut his Coke addiction.).

We suggested that they expand their menu to include more traditional diner options (pancakes, bacon and eggs, french toast, sausages, omelettes, milkshake, ice cream, etc.)

Over-all, I say try The Real Thing!

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