07 September 2009


Two days into our new home, here are some of the things I'm loving about Soho Central:

1) It's ours!
2) The real estate golden rule: “Location, location, location!” perfectly applies to SC
3) We're 300 steps away from Shangrila Mall / Edsa Central market (yes, the best of all worlds, ABCDE)
4) 500 steps away from the MRT station
5) 1,500 steps away from Megamall
6) The laundry shop is on the 40th floor
7) The gym, spa and pool are on the 4th floor
8) 24-hour security
9) The “lock and go” system is perfect for our lifestyle
10) The view from our unit -- Wack Wack's trees; the malls and billboards; we can see if traffic's heavy along EDSA; the city lights are lovely once night sets in

What do you love about your home?

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