24 February 2011


I once lived on George VI Street, in a gated subdivision where the streets are all named after Kings. [Walang FPJ (Da King), Dolphy (King of Comedy) or King Kong, promise. LOL.] So watching "The King's Speech" was extra "personal" for me. Ito pala ang storya ni George.

The story of King George VI of Britain,
his impromptu ascension to the throne
and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch
become worthy of it.
(From IMDB)

I'm naming it as my Oscar bet for Best Picture.

I was in awe of the superb storytelling (So focused! You won't be bored by the history.), ang galing ng framing (extreme right or extreme left ang actors), impressive production design, and the brilliant acting (Colin Firth deserves to be Best Actor!). WOW.

I was highly entertained and amused by The Social Network (my bet for the Golden Globe Best Picture, which did win!). But The King's Speech left me...well, speechless.

We'll see if I'm on a roll with my bets. The Oscars airs in three days.

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