20 May 2009


We recently spent a four-day weekend in Davao for my college friend's wedding. It was my first time and J's second visit in the city (he has climbed Mt. Apo, the country’s highest mountain).

The following won’t make it to my list of Davao Delights: the weather (too humid that even the locals agree, iba na ang init ngayon); the infamous local fruit durian (not even as a candy, ice cream or shake); the seafood did not wow me (they were OK); the suha (one vendor sold me dry, bland pomelos – I feel cheated).

Delight #1: Couple Time!
We'll always love long weekends, vacations of whatever shape & form. This picture was taken right after L & F's wedding ceremony where we stood as cord sponsors.

**My dress got so many raves!
Another proof that you need not spend much to look stylish!
Nasa nagdadala yan.

Delight #2: A Well-Deserved Break
After a very stressful project (been on it for 5 months!), I knew I needed a break. My now too tired body, my too toxic mind, my very weary soul was yearning for some time away from everything. I needed to live my own press release – Love Life!

**Babu Santa, Samal

Delight #3: Love Nature
Even if I failed to snorkel (was too scared!), I still loved the sights, sounds and smell of the Samal island-hopping. This is the Wishing Island. Guess what I wished for!

Delight #4: Love Friends
My dear friends from UP. Most of us have been together for 15 years!

**Liway, Alwin, Grace, Les & Flo, Moi & Coy, me

Delight #5: Love my French Experience
We had a French cheese & wine party while island hopping in Samal. L & F had more than 20 French guests who flew in for the wedding and brought treats from France – bon appetit!

Delight #6: Love Pinoy Hospitality
The French were so vocal about how much they’re amazed and touched by L’s family’s generosity & hospitality. Iba talaga ang Pinoy!

Delight #7: Love Food Trips
Thumbs Up for Davao's very affordable meals (everything is almost 50% less than Manila's price!). Our faves: Blu Gre cafĂ© (Their cheese rolls and oatmeal dessert are divine!); the Lechon Cebu from the wedding reception (Very tender & flavorful!); Claude’s (Promising! But since we wanted to have something light, we only tried the schublig – yummy! The Red Pomelo juice was unfortunately unavailable); Majid's Kebab (Yummy and very cheap!).
Top of the list: the island-hopping lunch picnic (pancit canton, fried chicken, fresh lumpia, etc.) and the home-cooked Sunday dinner at the Casiano's (adobo, seafood inihaw, etc.) There's nothing like simple lutong-bahay prepared with love.
**Davao Tuna, Chicken Inasal, Balbacua at Banok's

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