29 February 2012


Hubby's currently into videography and post production. His love for learning is truly an inspiration. Among his recent projects is a series he calls "Silly Shorts: Singapore Snapshots."  

He's a one-man production team. Shaping himself into a "predator" (a broadcasting term): producer, director, writer, videographer, editor, musical scorer, post production artist. Lahat siya lang. Amazing! 

I'm part of his fifth shorty. I agreed to go on-cam with my "lazy look" -- no make-up, hair in a messy bun, wearing a shirt and peasant skirt. We had fun filming all around Singapore. 

The project speaks for itself. Among the many must-haves to the road of "Married Bliss": Stay silly. Have fun together. Do not take yourselves too seriously.No matter where the road leads you, ENJOY THE RIDE!

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