06 February 2012


Cheap thrill: Concrete jungle time-off at the Singapore Botanic Garden. (MRT Station: Bontanic Garden, Circle Line). Eksena on a Sunday: Families and friends having picnics; kids flying kites and learning how to ride their bikes; senior couples walking hand-in-hand. 

What we did: While Hubby was busy with his Project (he was the only one who went around the Garden), I chose a spot where I could quietly read. I'm low maintenance. Iwan mo lang ako sa damuhan, with a book, OK na ako. Hahaha!

Below's my lovely spot under the sun. The umbrella's a despedida gift from my friends N, J and M. It was part of my 2011 birthday wish list.

What a view! It was so relaxing to be lying down on the grass, looking at the sky, reading my book, snacking on my Seaweed Lay's, sipping Coke, napping. THANK YOU, GOD, for such blessed moments!

What I was reading: David Nicholls' "One Day."
I vowed to give the book a chance since the movie failed me. Very good decision.

We've seen the ducks before...

So the date highlight was seeing Black Swans for the first time! 

They're more beautiful than Natalie Portman! *kidding*

Are you joining me on the grass?

Ah, life's simple joys! 

Savored the moment from my reading spot. 
Those are my black ballet flats. (May theme? Black swans, black flats...Haha!)

Merienda at Cluny Court, located at the left side of the Botanic Garden gates (MRT station gates).

Pretty lamps and blooms at the Cluny Court entrance. Yes, Spring Festival pa rin! (I believe the Year of the Water Dragon officially started yesterday, February 5, 2012?).

Pizza Date at Gastronomia. 

Hubby had Chili Con Carne pizza. It was good! SGD7.50. 

I had the Salmon & Pesto pizza. Yum! Also SGD7.50.

The lovely pedestrian bridge near the Botanic Garden MRT station. See the bridge facade from my other Botanic Garden entry.

Date shot. Love, love, love.
The grass is greener
on this side of the fence.


T Ramos said...

:-) Awesome photo ;-)

A, did you remove your Twitter account? I'm not able to find you :-(

Wanted to share with you two things:

1. Have you seen "The Vow" of Rachel McAdams? That movie is sooooo you! You have to see it.

2. Have you seen the Health Today magazine (Iya Villania's on the cover)? The article of my sister finally came out! =) You need to see it =) You were quoted a handful of times =) (Oh better yet, lemme give you a copy when I go to Sing)

AVM said...

I'm inactive on Twitter na but I still have my account. =)

1) The Vow: I'm waiting for the SG cinema run. =)

2) Health Today: J just got back from Manila, it's among my bilins, hehe. Have my copy na. I'm sending JV a Thank You note.