19 December 2011


Our first time at the Singapore Botanic Gardens was in February 2010. 
We were there to attend a cousin's wedding. Below is our group photo taken at The Bandstand.

We wanted to see the Garden again, minus the wedding frenzy so Hubby and I went last weekend.
Below is the Botanic Garden gate from the MRT station (Circle Line), it's at the corner of Cluny Park and Bukit Timah Roads.

There were so many benches in the Garden that reminded me of the secret garden from Notting Hill, among my all-time favorite rom-coms!

"For June who loved this garden 
from Joseph who always sat beside her." Some people do spend their whole lives together. -- Notting Hill

Loved the many pocket gardens!
One of the cottages.

At the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.
The gorgeous pedestrian overpass, in front of the Garden gates. Along Bukit Timah Road.


We would have wanted to explore the 63-hectare Garden but it started raining real hard.

Here's a harassed me, in one of the cottages, waiting for the downpour to stop. It did not.

So we're going back on a sunnier day for a picnic!

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