11 December 2011


Movie Date: New Year's Eve. 

Obvious ba kaninong movie choice ito? Hehe. Dragged Hubby to see it so tickets were on me. 

HAPPY 2012!
We enjoyed the movie.
 Deadma sa bad reviews online.
(So many unhappy people. Lol.)

On the Film: I love ensemble cast movies. It's no "Love Actually." But it's not as bad the online reviews (parang they expected Oscar moments from De Niro, Swank and Berry?). Each subplot had its aliw moments. And as expected, it was mushy, cheesy and feel-good. Maybe we liked it because we're simple, happy people who allowed ourselves to enjoy a movie break. Lol.

My favorite moment from the film: Hilary Swank's character's speech about how New Year's Eve allows us to pause and reflect on our lives. I'm trying to find it online.

On the movie tickets: At the Golden Village, Vivo City, the ticket prices are different for weekdays (cheaper) versus weekends, then again, for before 4pm screenings (cheaper) and after 4pm screenings. We learn something new everyday! Our 6:30pm, Friday tickets were worth SGD11 each (around Php385 each).

The movie theater: We loved our seats! They were suggested by the ticket officer -- center seats, four rows to the last row. The chairs were new, big and comfortable. The leg room, wide. Yey!

Interesting experience: Everyone had to exit through the Fire Exits after the screening (no there was no fire). They blocked the entrance doors. At may staff to show us the way. As in dumaan kami sa back corridors ng mall, at lumabas talaga kami ng building! Hubby and I had fun going through the exit maze. It was a first for us. Babaw joy.  

Are you all set for your New Year's Eve plans? We're welcoming 2012 at the Marina Bay! Excited!

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