15 December 2011


We don't do Christmas. Read more about it here. But I love dreaming so I'm joining the season's wishing spree! I'm sharing three of the many items on my list.

(1) I'm hoping to be one of those people who wake up every day to their calling, doing something that does not feel like work. Dreaming of fashion / beauty / travel / performance-related careers. 
Photo from careervanity.com

(2) New York in 2012. I don't know how. Pero libre mangarap...
Photo from antarticaedu.com

(3) Our very own Ikea home here in SG. 
OK, kahit bedroom lang muna by 2012. Lol.
Photo from smarthomearchitectures.us
Top 30 Ikea Bedrooms for 2011/2012

What's on your wish list?

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