13 December 2011


Take this Lonely Planet quiz to find out what type of traveler you are.

My type according to the quiz: Global Gastronome! (aka Matakaw! Lol)
  • LP: Before you've even taken off, you're perusing the inflight meal menu and planning exactly which amazing local restaurant you're going to hit the second you touch down. For you, food - the dining experience that goes along with it - is the best way to get in touch with the local culture. Whether it's sampling fresh produce at a farmers market in Cornwall or stumbling across a humble little trattoria in the backstreets of Puglia or simply getting lost for hours in a supermarket in Paris, you'll go that extra mile for the foodie experience. 

Hubby's type: Thrillseeker! 
  • LP: You would never be found lounging pool-side at a tropical resort, no sir. For you, travel is all about thrills and spills and seeing how a country can really get your heart pounding. It's about tackling crashing rapids, getting eye-to-eye with sharks, scaling cliffs and generally laughing in the face of gravity. You don't believe in taking it easy, you believe in pushing it to the next level. 


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