11 December 2011


Orchard Road is now filled with holiday shoppers. Siksikan! Especially since most stores are on pre-Christmas sales. (That's new to me. In Manila, most sales start January.)

Last Friday, my happy holiday treat was not about shopping but something so much better -- I really love seeing old friends in our new "home." Hubby and I had back-to-back meet-ups. First, a delicious dinner with G and L at the Wine Connection (Cuppage Road. Nearest MRT: Somerset). Next, an after-midnight chikahan with A at the Charlie Brown Cafe (313 Somerset. MRT: Somerset din, hehe).

Wine Connection: Good food. Good wine. Reasonably priced. The service is superb because the staff is mostly Pinoy. Naks.

Charlie Brown Cafe: We were super busog from dinner so we just had the chocolate ice cream (recommended by the Pinay staffer). We'll try the other items on the menu next time. 

At the Wine Connection

At the Charlie Brown Cafe

Capricciosa Pizza
 Good. It was the healthiest / most vegetarian pizza choice.
We'll try the Four Cheese next time.

We love how generous the meat sauce is.

It has dislodged Uno's in Hubby's favorite list!

Cheese Platter

Not too sweet. Like it that way.

We had red wine
with our cheese, pasta and pizza.

Creme Brulee
We like the one from
Le Bistro Perisien better.

Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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