30 December 2011


As 2011 comes to a close, let's all count our blessings. =)

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Among the greatest gifts I received this year:

  1. iPad2: Hubby's birthday gift to me (Wish come true!)
Non-Material (and far more precious)
  1. Fashion school.
  2. My birthday gift to me: Freedom! Read more about it here. I'll forever remember 2011 as the year I took the BIG LEAP into the great unknown.
  3. Our gift to us: Living out our dream! Hubby and I have been living in Singapore since the last quarter of 2011. We left our comfort zone to follow our hearts and explore the world. (Praying that we receive the "working in Singapore" gift soon.)
  4. Career Break. At the start of the year it seemed impossible, even after reading this article from Lonely Planet. But guess what?! We've been enjoying our longest vacation leave ever!  
  5. Spending time with our family, even for just awhile. My parents and sister came home to Manila for a month. We got to be with them only for a week. But that one week was priceless. And for the very first time in my life I flew alone (alone!) from one country to another -- just to be with my loved ones. (Hubby took another flight because of a scheduled job interview.) 
  6. Being able to hold my Mama's hand in the O.R., all throughout a medical procedure. The greater blessing: Doc declared her lump clear, on-the-spot! Fatty tissue lang! Yey! And the bonus: the procedure was free. We're blessed with kind-hearted, generous, loving doctors and nurses in the family. 
  7. Being able to tell my Papa, "Now that I'm a Pinoy abroad like you, lalo akong bilib sa iyo. For so long, you faced the challenges of being an OFW on your own. Idol talaga kita!"
  8. Learning every day about WHAT TRULY MATTERS IN LIFE. We're grateful that we have enough. Sometimes nga, more than enough pa. Even on career breaks. We're overwhelmed by the blessings. 
  9. Our SG Adventure has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. And it has shaped Hubby and Me into stronger individuals and more loving partners. If a couple can laugh together through rejection, discrimination, and a stretch of "no paydays muna," then they must really be meant to happily journey through life together. *wink*
2011: Another year filled with
life, laughter and lots of love!

THANK YOU, GOD, for loving me, loving us the way you do. We're forever humbled by Your grace, love, mercy and faithfulness. May you continue to bless us all in 2012 and the coming years. We know Your Plans are always greater than our dreams. 

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