24 December 2011


It's our first Holiday Season in SG. Yes, totoo ang chismis, the celebration is more "relaxed" here versus Pinas. Proof: Our building was so quiet on Christmas Eve. Parang unit lang namin ang gising until the wee hours of the morning, hehe. 

After church, Hubby and I bonded with our housemates over crispy pata, kare-kare, roast chicken, biko, leche flan and lots of picture-taking. Fun!

As Rudolph & Mrs. Claus
with our SG housemates

Highlights (nope, not our head gears, haha):

  1. Video chatting with my family! Thank God for Skype and Facebook.
  2. Of course, J, our housemate's 5-yr old daughter had the most gifts. Among all her new toys, guess which one she picked to play with first? Our Hello Kitty Cafe gift! Proud to say consistent ako dyan -- kids choose to play with our gift first, pati sa Pinas. Maybe because I'm a kid-at-heart? I know what they'll enjoy. (And no, the toy need not be expensive.) 

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