13 September 2011


What we recently watched at the cinema...

We love last main feature dates!

CONTAGION: The posters said "Nothing spreads like fear." Love the copy! I wanted it to scare me, to get me really praning. But it didn't. Lumaylay ang story sa gitna.

ONE DAY: It reminded us so much of Il Mare (which was later re-made into The Lake House). If it were indeed inspired by the Korean film, it failed in comparison. The storytelling was too linear. Nag-drag. Maybe I should give the book a chance?

ZOMBADINGS. PATAYIN SA SHOKOT SI REMINGTON: Funny. But it could be funnier. Seeing Roderick Paulate on the big screen again was enough entertainment for me. Lead star Mart Escudero (as Remington) was a revelation. Enjoyed his performance. He left us wondering -- how much of his acting was real? Hehe. Pero ang mga tanong nga namin ni Hubby: So what's the movie trying to say? Sumpa nga ba ang pagiging bakla? And in the end, tunay na lalaki pa rin ang hero?

CARS 2: We were in awe of the graphics and animation. Such a visual feast.


FRIGHT NIGHT (not in photo): Failed at being frightening. Parang joke. Apparently, the original film was good? True?

CONAN THE BARBARIAN (not in photo): Very B movie. Sinamahan ko lang talaga si Hubby. LOL. The original film started Arnold Schwarzenegger's career daw. I don't see any one's career taking off from the re-make.

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