14 September 2011


What's your favorite merienda?

Here are two of my recent home-made merienda creations...


I simply browned the beef in onion and garlic. Then added the taco powder mixture. I used really lean ground beef -- the Australian Weight Watcher's Choice from Rustan's. Wala ngang sebo! Ang galing! And it tastes really good. Highly-recommended ko siya. Next, I chopped the tomatoes and lettuce. And grated lots of cheese. It was perfect with the taco chips I bought from my dear friend L (good thing I dropped by the office, umabot ako sa benta, hehe). We used the Old El Paso taco sauce and Tabasco hot sauce to spice it all up. We're very happy with this! Winner merienda!

We were disappointed with the Mc Cormick Screamer. As spicy food lovers we expected too much. The flavor mix tasted "fake" -- on the surface lang siya hot, hindi nanunuot. So sobrang bitin kami. "Whisperer" lang siya, not "screamer." LOL

I first boiled the wings. After, I rolled them in the Mc Cormick powder mixture. Then deep frying na. Next, I placed the wings in a plastic container, poured the spicy sauce, covered the container and shake-shake-shake, making sure pantay ang coverage. My version of the buffalo wings was just OK, edible. And mas maputla than the photo above.

It's 4pm na (Manila time). Nagugutom na ako. Bye.

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