05 September 2011


What's with me? It's almost midnight (Manila time) and I'm cooking. Cooking!

As I've shared before, I'm no kitchen diva. But I've been trying to learn. Proud to say I've improved (Hubby last week: "Sarap na ng lahat ng luto mo!") but I know I still have a long way to go.

After tonight's dinner date (I had sinigang na salmon, J had chicken inasal at the Shangrila Mall's food court), we did the grocery. The game plan: more home-cooked meals = savings. Our daily dates are not confined to eating anyway.

But the cooking was supposed to be done tomorrow. I'm not sure what possessed me to practice my kitchen skills tonight (Excited?).

I'm doing ginisang monggo. It's my third try. I didn't like how the first two attempts (done months ago) turned out. They were edible but kulang. I plan to pair it with fried bangus and/or pork liempo tomorrow. Maybe I should add chicharon laman for more flavor?

I'm also doing buffalo wings (no, not to be paired with the monggo, hehe). Found McCormick's "Screamer" buffalo wings flavor mix at the grocery, got me very curious. I hope it really is hot.

Could this be the effect of freedom from work stress? It's our First Freedom Monday, you see. Hindi ko ba kinaya na walang deadline today? Kaya eto, ako mismo ang nag-p-pressure sa sarili ko -- Magluto ka na! Now na! LOL.

Who is this (crazy) woman?
Now, she actually enjoys cooking at midnight!
And is seriously considering taking cooking classes.

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