29 September 2011


Two nights ago, I was watching Notting Hill for the nth time. 

Got my DVD from HMV HK.

And because my Hubby knows me too well, he watched with me nung Press Conference at The Savoy sequence na. Of course, hindi yung eksena ang inaabangan niya kundi ang pag-iyak ko! LOL.

Yes, even after seeing the film a million times, I still end up crying in a lot of scenes, but especially during the finale -- The Savoy sequence, followed by the wedding, red carpet and reading by the garden bench montage. (I'm silly that way.) Kaya hayun, while I was crying like crazy, may mamang tawa nang tawa, kissing and hugging me until the end credits rolled.  

Sabi nga ni Anna Scott sa movie, "Some people do spend their whole lives together." I think we have a really good chance of being among them. *wink*

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