04 September 2011


The first item on my freedom list (see my previous blog entry) -- freedom from alarm clocks. But guess what? On our first freedom weekend we had to wake up early on both Saturday and Sunday! LOL. But this time, nauna ako sa alarms. Wow. There lies the difference. *big smile*

Saturday alarm: 7am

I went to fashion school to attend a morning talk. Read about it hereHatid-sundo ako ni Hubby. After school, it was Chinese food, Cars and Church for us.

Sunday alarm: 7am

We agreed to take part in someone's "para sa pag-ibig" project. Can't talk much about it yet, don't want to ruin somebody's surprise. We were so blessed to work with three of the most talented Art Directors we know -- G, E, J. Thanks, Guys! They all said yes to this "para sa pag-ibig." I'll blog about this labor of love next month. We were dead tired after the project. But we're happy to have helped so mabilis maka-recover from the pagod.

Tomorrow's the First Freedom Monday. I. Will. Not. Set. The. Alarm. Clock. For. Anything. I want to savor this First Freedom Monday by sleeping all I want. Haha. Sa Tuesday na lang uli ang alarm, for the first set of our OFW errands. 

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