11 September 2011


How special was 9.10.11 to you?

The day marked a milestone for us. For the first time, J and I proudly stood as Principal Sponsors to a dear couple's wedding. Yes, we're now Ninong and Ninang. Doesn't that sound old? LOL.

L and C's 9.10.11 wedding was lovely. You could see them in every detail. Very creative. Very personal. Very cheesy. And since I'm all about cheesy (proof: this blog) I really appreciated it. I loved the AVP short film they produced about their story. Talo pa ang ibang Asianovela!

As I shared with L and C before -- "There's no greater risk than matrimony. But there is nothing happier than a happy marriage." (from Benjamin Disraeli, read this from Elizabeth Gilbert's book 'Committed'.) As for working (operative word: WORK) on a happy marriage, here's what I have to share...
  1. Making Marriage Work, read here
  2. Is It Worth Fighting For?, read here
  3. Life Partner, read here
  4. Stay Silly, read here
Best wishes, L and C! 

Red-Letter Day
It was great seeing our team mates again! Miss you, Guys. (Do not cry.)
All smiles si Ninang.
That's us down the aisle.
The lovely newlyweds (Photo taken by J).
With my beloved Kumares N and L.
More of our dear friends, D, M and N.
With lovely ladies N and H.
The reception venue.

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