24 September 2011

TODAY's GIFTS 092411

Today I'm especially grateful.

Cried "Thank You" tears in Church. God is too good! I am humbled.

Thank you...

  1. For today's "delivery." YAHOOO!
  2. For our Attitude of Gratitude. To have this mindset while on a career break is a blessing.
  3. That we can afford this career break. There are even 'little luxuries' despite the tipid mode.
  4. That we can afford to gamble. For our dreams.
  5. For the team that J and I are. I love us!
  6. That we can stand on our own. Hindi kami umaasa sa iba. 
  7. Pero inuulan pa rin ng help, without us asking.
  8. For my supportive family and relatives. 
  9. We're both healthier today. Hubby and I got a little sick this week. (What we confirmed: Mas mabilis ang recovery while on a career break! LOL)
  10. For every one volunteering tips, leads, what-have-yous. Special mention to: G, J, C who are all currently living in SG (see you soon!); D & J who are in other parts of the world pero tumutulong pa rin (very touched by the gesture). 
  11. For all my friends. Especially those who make time. 
  12. For every one na pumatol sa aming ukay-ukay
  13. For all the words of encouragement.
  14. For L and R's free legal advice. 
  15. For all the despedida.
  16. For R's 'where to shop in SG' tips.
  17. For our daily accomplishments. More "To Dos" in the coming days. 
  18. I got to zip my first luggage. Nagkasya sila!
  19. For the free movie dates.
  20. For Manila's affordable laundry services. (I'll miss you.)
  21. For everything that lies ahead.

Today, what are you especially thankful for?

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