11 September 2011


We're currently on a career break to prepare for The Big Move. This means no pay days for awhile. So as not to drain The SG Dream Fund, we've adjusted our budget.

How we've been tightening out belts:
  1. Switched from brown to white rice.  
  2. Switched from alkaline to distilled drinking water. 
  3. Switched from branded to the grocery's in-house eggs.
  4. Switched from muscovado to ordinary brown sugar.
  5. Switched from wheat to white bread. (The healthier items were the first to go!)
  6. Less dining out, more eating in. (Good thing I'm having fun cooking na.)
  7. Cut spa and salon trips to once or twice a month. More DIY mani-pedi for me.
  8. No more 24-hour AC. These days, it's on only when we sleep. 
  9. Less long hot showers. Cold shower muna, as much as possible.
  10. More of the train, less of the taxi.
  11. If walking distance lang, we'll gladly walk.
  12. No long trips muna. (Except for SG, of course. And we're already booked.) Day trips via train or jeep or bus, pwede pa. 
  13. Ukay the items we do not need.
  14. I've been shopping less. Promise. LOL
I know the adjustments are not exactly drastic. Well, that's because we made sure life would still be...comfortable. We saved up for comfortable.  

How's it been so far? Well you can bet your bottom dollar we're making this work at all costs. *wink*

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