13 September 2011


Here's what I shared with my dear colleagues on our last day at the network...

Follow your fear
Prepare don't plan
Do what you say
Say what you mean
Know what you don't know
Don't hold yourself to other people's standards 
Own a pet
Call your parents
Create a comfortable living space
Be happy for other people
Cultivate friendships
Stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves
Understand what realistic expectations are
Don't lie
Get to know your gut and then listen to it
Say you're sorry before you're too embarrassed to
Always wear clean underwear
Be on time
Be nice to receptionists
Appreciate other people's talents
Identify people who don't have your best interests in mind
People will disappoint you
People will amaze you
People will inspire you
You will disappoint people
You will amaze people
You will inspire people
Don't drink too much alcohol
Remember that the old lady who's taking forever in line is someone's grandma
Be curious
Ask questions
Give yourself a break
Have truthful conversations with yourself
Think about your day in the shower
Reflect on your day before you fall asleep
Reward yourself from time to time
Have a good clean joke at the ready
Have a good dirty joke at the ready
Silence can be golden
Have someone you admire evaluate your handshake
Be humbly confident
Smell good
Don't let the highs be too high, so the lows aren't too low
Get to know you
Learn to like you
Let people love you
No one does you better than you
Want what you have and you'll have what you want
Lead with justice and judge with mercy
Don't let your mouth overload your rear

--"But mostly, have a really fun time"
Emmy Award-Winning Actor Eric Stonestreet

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