10 July 2011


It's my birthday month!

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As a believer of "Ask and you shall receive," I'm listing down gifts I won't mind receiving lots of (hint, hint).

In random order:
  1. Flannel pajama set in plaid. (I have only one pair. To say it's being abused is an understatement.)
  2. Super comfy ballet flats. Size 8 1/2.
  3. Black hair elastics. (I keep losing them. No rubber bands please.)
  4. Fiber supplements. (Health is wealth. LOL.)
  5. Chocolates.
  6. Claritin. (Items 5 & 6 must come together. Pasaway.)
  7. Band aid. (The stylist in me.)
  8. Black folding umbrella. The smaller, the better. Water-repellent material preferred. (Umbrellas have short life spans in my hands. Need to buy every so often.)
  9. My cheap gel eye liner from Watson's. Brand: In2it. Color: Dark brown.
  10. Prayers

Hubby and I usually travel on my birthday. This year, I'm asking God to allow us to take what could be the greatest journey of our lives. Kahit wala na ang ten items listed above. Yun na lang po.

Life has taught me God's plans are greater than my dreams. I'm looking forward to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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