09 July 2011


This is a date blog.

But because hubby and I are both independent spirits (we love being together but no we're not clingy), we enjoy Me Time.

What have I done solo?
  1. Go to fashion school on my own. (But hubby always made sure he'll be able to pick me up after class.)
  2. Shop alone around Manila. (I'm not a group-shopping kind of gal.)
  3. Shop alone in a foreign country. (This I love doing! I try to do it every chance I get. Kahit a few hours lang na mag-isa.)
  4. Watch a movie. (Once! And that's enough experience, hehe.)
  5. Eat out.
  6. Eat out, alone, in a foreign country. (Proud of me!)
  7. Wait for hubby, family and friends in cafes (books and magazines come in handy).
  8. Commute.
  9. Go to church.
  10. Visit the doctor.
  11. Grocery.
  12. Gym.

I wonder if I'll survive flying alone, to explore another country by my lonesome, ala-Eat Pray Love? I was supposed to do something like it last year. But my hubby and parents got too scared for my safety so no, it didn't push through. Hats off to every woman who's traveled alone.

Before anyone can enjoy your company, you should be able to enjoy your own. So if you haven't gone solo, I say go! *wink*

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