20 July 2011


After seeing a Spanish cuisine-themed cooking episode on TV, I found myself craving for paella. Pumatol naman si Hubby. He really loves me. *big smile*

Dulcinea's Paella Valenciana
Good for two, less than Php500
Waiting time: 30 mins

Since it was too biglaan to have the paella delivered (according to the internet, the best ones are home-based, for delivery or pick-up), we decided to walk to the nearest Spanish resto, Dulcinea. We know it's not among the best paellas in town, but it was good enough for a hungry wife. We had it with a pitcher of fresh fruit shake, with mushroom soup (comes free with the paella), and churros for a happy ending.

What have you been craving for lately? Did you give in?

Buen apetito!

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