02 February 2012


There was so much J. Co Donuts buzz on Facebook the other day. Because they're opening a branch in Manila (Megamall) soon. 

To satisfy my curiosity -- How good are these donuts, anyway? -- I dropped by Raffles City (B1) today. I got the J.Pops baby donuts. One box contains 24 baby donuts, in twelve different flavors, for SGD11.50. (Baby donuts = baby calories? Asa!)

I agree, their donuts are less sweet than Krispy Kreme. So hindi nakakaumay. OK sila.

12 Flavors (random):
Heaven Berry, Tiramisu,
Why Nut,  Berry Spears,
Coco Loco, Copa Banana,
Oreo, Al Capone,
Caviar Choco, Forest Glam,
Meisisipi, Blue Berrymore

 First ones to go (see below):
  1. Al Caponne, the one with almond flakes. Sarap!
  2. Caviar Choco. We love the crunch. And the faint bitterness (duma-dark chocolate). 
Oreo, you're next!


Which donut flavors did I really, really love?
  1. Copa Banana (the one with the white dot on top of the chocolate, 4th row from the front). It's like having banana split!
  2. Blue Berrymore (blueberry cheesecake, first row, with cheese on top).


christine nicole Cuenca said...

I love your post. I am so excited to try J.co donuts.

AVM said...

Happy eating, Christine! =)