20 August 2009


One of my simple joys: Spanish bread. Loved it since I was a kid.

This week, we've dropped by Landmark Grocery in Trinoma twice for my fill of Fortune Bakeshop's Spanish breads (Php 7.25 each). Their Anniversary Promo: Buy 3, Get 1 Free! Happiness!

J, on the other hand, loves Megamelt's cheese ensaymada. Good thing there's a stall outside Landmark's supermarket. Another stall we frequent for his ensaymada fix: the stall in Gateway Mall's Food Court.

What are your simple joys?

Here are more of ours:
1. bookstore trips (we don't even have to buy anything)
2. last full show movie dates in our favorite Lazy Boy seats
3. looong walks (if the pedometer says 15,000 steps or more, we're ECSTATIC!)
4. every visit to the new home gives us a different kind of high
5. holding hands
6. our private jokes, banters, pun-ny and witty exchanges

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