18 June 2011


Today's Gifts:

1) 3-day weekend

2) Bed weather

3) Everything we're waiting for, dumarating isa-isa, on time. Project status: on track.

4) Proud of how my sis P is growing up. Her FB wall is filled with NASA articles and video clips (yes, she wants to be an astronomer) and Justin Bieber updates (yes, she caught the B-fever like every girl in the universe). She's a fun-loving nerd -- I love it! And today, Fathers' Day, she wrote the sweetest FB note for our Papa (It starts with "You're my hero, Papa..."). We must have done something right in raising such a wonderful child. *teary eyed*

5) My brother and I drove to the province this week, to attend the wake and burial of a beloved uncle who's suffered from cancer far too long. It was a blessing to see a family, in the midst of a tragedy, continue to live in love, unity, composure and complete surrender to God's Will. Bilib ako.

Uncle's hearse - a Hummer!

6) After death comes life. Another pamangkin is coming our way! My niece S will be an "Ate" soon. We're all too excited! Yey!

God is so good.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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