19 June 2011


Hubby and I, we're my favorite team. Our collaborations at work, at home, and at play are always most fun and most fulfilling.

Here's one of our more recent team projects.


"Taylor Fit"

Written as a FB note by my Hubby

Posted last June 12, 2011

It was a fine Sunday afternoon, with the sunlight dappling through the trees, falling gently on the green grass, seemingly playing with the shadows. We were beneath a cool canopy, breaking the twigs beneath our feet, throwing fallen flowers into the air. It was one of those memorable days when you must have a camera in hand to capture those fleeting moments. And there I was, happily shooting with my camera, taking pictures of Taylor Swift.

Well, not exactly. I was shooting my niece, E. In a Taylor Swift-inspired photoshoot. In a photostory conjured by my wife, A. I wanted to practice my photography. She wanted to practice her styling. And our niece wanted to model. E was channeling Taylor Swift. A was channeling Rachel Zoe. I was channeling Parc Cruz. E posed, A styled, I clicked.

Yes, it was one of those days, when we do something we love with people we love, on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Model: E

Stylist, HMUA, Voice Activated Light Stand, My Wonder Woman Wife: A (Me: *kilig*)

Photographer: J

Special thanks to our dear cousin, P, for making the shoot possible.

For more photos, visit my other blog, mylittleblackbookofstyle.blogspot.com

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