09 March 2012


Last week, we were freedom fighters in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil!

We finally got to try Universal Studios Singapore's latest ride: Transformers, the ultimate 3D battle. It was super hi-tech, super fun! Parang masaya kung full length film ito. Haha! Waiting time for the ride: at least 30 minutes. So worth it.

With Optimus Prime.
Mahaba ang pila for photo op kaya sa gilid na lang ako pumwesto.

It's Bumblebee! He's my niece's favorite. 
I can't wait for her (and my sis P, and nephew T) to go to Universal Studios.
One day soon. *wink*

The first time we were here, sinamahan lang talaga ako ni Hubby. He's not into theme parks. But with the Transformers ride, gusto na rin talaga niya pumunta.  

It was a very fun date! Aside from the sights, rides and shows, another thing that made us smile: senior citizen couples lining up for the Transformers ride. We're so with you Lolos and Lolas! No one's too old for some play time.

Added joy: the park's only 45-minutes away via train from our Punggol home. Andyan lang siya. Just like the movies, madali lang mag-take three, four, five...!

For ticket info, check their website.

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