10 March 2012


Movie Date: "Water Hands," at the South East Asian Film Festival

SAM at 8Q, 222 Queen Street 
The festival will run until March 31, 2012
The Philippines' "Zombadings" is among the featured films! I'm so curious how the locals would find it.

Anyway, "Water Hands is a road movie about a Chinese sailor who starts doubting his beliefs after experiencing the beauty of the remote Balkan landscapes and the folk stories of the region. The more he explores the landscapes and the stories around him, the more he is determined to change something about himself. However, his attempt at making life-changing decisions become more difficult because of a woman, "She", a mysterious and sultry creature who keeps on calling him back to his country, his life and his reality."

The film-maker, Vladimir Todorovic on his creation, "After hearing numerous folk stories from the region (Serbia / Montenegro) and comparing them to the everyday life of an expatriate in Singapore, I decided to make a movie capturing these polarities. Thus, one half of the movie focuses on the reality of common people living in the economically devastated Balkans, while the other half paints quasi-bourgeois life of a foreigner in Singapore." 

Tickets: SGD10 each

Water Hands' director, writer, producer Vladimir Todorovic

I love how quiet the movie was. And it was fresh not to really see the cast mouthing their lines. You'll never get to see the sailor (Water Hands means sailor daw in Chinese.). While "She" (who represents the sailor's mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, mistress) has several exposures, never siya magsasalita on-cam. Puro thoughts. Puro reading out their exchange of love letters. 

With the journey Hubby and I are currently taking, relate na relate ako sa pelikula. I actually cried at the end of the movie, after "She" asked the final line of the film, "When are you coming home?" 

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