11 March 2012


I ordered these super cute seafood dumplings at the Ion Orchard food court exactly because they were that -- super cute! Bentang-benta sa akin. 

When I posted the photo on Facebook most people said di nila kaya kainin because they were:
  • too cute, 
  • looked alive, 
  • nakakatakot, 
  • nakakaawa. 

My Facebook reply: I agree. That's why I kissed them before taking a bite.

Now, I wonder, Ganito na ba ako katakaw? What most people won't eat, masayang-masaya kong binili to chow down. OMG. 

So were they good? OK lang. The stuffing: ground seafood (prawn, crab, and some fish). Was happier with the shark's fin dumpling. 

Dumplings: around SGD4
for each dumpling steamer set

Hubby ordered ToriQ (Japanese yakitori) for this merienda date.

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