07 April 2012


The thinnest pizza we've had so far is also the best. As in.

Inspired by "the lovely crackling sound of something crunchy...like the crust of hot roti prata and naan...," SKINNY PIZZA is a must-try. Thin kung thin. Skinny kung skinny. (Wish I were describing me. Lol.) 

It's among the more popular local restaurants in Singapore. How good is their pizza? We actually like theirs more than Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza (at super sarap na sa Mozza ha!). 

The skinny on what we've tried:

The lime-based Kampong Glam mocktail (as in mock-cocktail so non-alcoholic). OK naman. I wanted it more tart, more lime-y. But since may halo, I found it too sweet. After my first sip, I kinda wished I ordered soda na lang, like Hubby, hehe.

The Macadamia Crusted Pumpkin Salad, SGD11 (around Php385). This was highly recommended by the Pinoy staff. We didn't expect it to be THAT GOOD. It's definitely among the best salads we've had. Pwede palang ganun kasarap ang kalabasa! (Pumpkin and squash are interchangeable, right? Same specie?) We were so happy that we kept on thanking the Pinoy waiter for recommending it. 

"Yan po talaga ang pinapa-try kong salad sa mga Pinoy."

The Truffle Fries, Sausage, Seared Brie Cheese Starters, SGD15 (around Php525). It's cheaper if you choose three starters. They were all good. But our favorite is the brie cheese. ANG SARAP. Kung ako kaya mag-sear ng cheese sa bahay, ganun din kasarap? 

The Mozzarella Bolognese Pizza, SGD23 (around Php805). Fresh, flavorful, super-thin. ANG SARAP.

The Meatball Napolitana Pizza, same price as the Mozzarella Bolognese. IT WAS SO GOOD. Sabi nga ni Hubby, meatballs are so basic but very few can make them perfectly. Ito perfect. 

If you're in SG, and you love pizza, do yourself a favor - visit any of the Skinny Pizza branches: Raffles City (This is where we ate. MRT Station: City Hall), Wheelock, House at Dempsey Road or Great World City. For more info, visit their website.

These orders were from two different dates. Hindi pa naman kami ganun katakaw. Lol.

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