19 February 2010


Hungry much?

In our limited travel experience, Singapore stands out as the ultimate Asian food trip destination! We've been here twice and both times, we loved, loved, loved the food -- a melting pot (pun-intended) of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Middle Eastern, etc cuisine.

Here are some of the superb meals we enjoyed in various SG hawker centers (so far from the food courts we're used to).

Oyster Omelet

Satay Galore: pork, chicken, mutton satay

Crispy Baby Squid


SG Friends who treated us in Chomp! Chomp! (Thank you!)

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I had to have Chili Crabs!

Fried Rice

Popiah: spring roll

Laksa: rice noodles in a coconut curry soup

Black Pepper Chicken

Super tasty Tiger Prawn

Spicy Kangkong

The Newlyweds who brought us to one of SG's more famous hawker centers,the Newton food Court

Roast Pork at the Changi Airport


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u8mypinkc00kies said...

i love SG food too!! chicken satay, hainan chicken rice, noodles, charsiew, kaya toasts! :D